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Join us sundays at 9:30am!

At Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church, we offer Sunday School for all ages starting at 11:00am following worship each Sunday:


Check-in for all our childrens' classes will be in the Children's Wing.

Toddlers in our Nursery Ministry will be in a unit entitled God’s People learning stories from the Old Testament about God's guidance and deliverance of his people. Room 127.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be using a curriculum by Great Commission Publications (GCP) and will spend the summer trimester learning about God’s promises! Our children will follow God’s amazing unfolding promises to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and David to their fulfillment in Jesus the Savior and will be encouraged by God’s love and faithfulness to his people. Room 126

Lower Elementary Sunday school class (grades 1-2) will be using a curriculum by GCP and will spend the summer trimester in the books of Exodus—Judges learning that the stories of the Israelites are more than the dramatic scenes of baby Moses in the reeds, the 10 plagues, the Passover, the crossing of the Red Sea, and the wandering in the wilderness. God used these events to show us who he is, that he has a plan, and what it means to trust him. Room 124

Upper Elementary Sunday School (grades 3-5) will continue their two-year Bible survey course by studying the New Testament. Students will discover the joy of being called to be a part of this grand narrative of redemption as they study the scriptures together! Room 125


Junior High Youth
(6th - 8th)

Junior High Youth meet in room 118.

Habits of Grace

As Christian we are called to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. this is part of God's work of sanctification, where we are renewed more and more to the image of Christ. We will be studying how we are able to participate in this process through regulalry and consistently partaking of the means of grace. 

Senior High Youth
(9th - 12th)

Senior High Youth meet in the Youth Building.

Spiritual Disciplines

During the summer trimester we will dig into spiritual disciples - what they are and how to incorporate them into regular habits that will deepen our faith and daily walk with the Lord. We will explore disciplines such as prayer, personal Bible study, meditation, stewardship, fellowship, and in the second part of the class we will look at how to thrive as a Christian in an ecreasingly secular world.



Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life will meet in the Sanctuary

As Christians our goal should always be to grow in both personal holiness and in conformity to Christlikeness. Spiritual disciplines play an important role in our sanctification and spiritual growth. The primary objective of this class is an overview of the biblical spiritual disciplines as well as providing practical ways of incorporating them into the believer’s everyday life. Join us for this thought-provoking and devotion-enhancing study!