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God does everything with intentionality and purpose.

The story of redemptive history is one that is characterized by a clear focus on the realization of a divine plan. In the life of Jesus, we find a keen sense of purpose and focus. Indeed, from his childhood he had a strong sense of self-awareness as to the missional nature of his life (Luke 2:49). Indeed, if ever there was one, Jesus was a “man on a mission” as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God.

But Jesus didn’t simply have a sense of purpose. Instead, his purpose flowed from his identity. Who Jesus was informed what Jesus did. Similarly, we at SCPC are well-grounded in our sense of identity. Based upon our conviction that God has strategically placed our congregation in a particular time and location: We are a body of believers located in northern Harris County, called by the Holy Spirit, and transformed by the Gospel to glorify and enjoy God as we proclaim the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

At SCPC we desire to be imitators of God as we join in His mission of bringing glory to God by making disciples of Jesus. This brings an intentionality, focus, and purposefulness to our energy and efforts as we engage in ministry.

Thus, in realization of our sense of identity, our vision as a church is to be a key biblically and confessionally faithful Reformed witness to the greater northern Houston metro area with global impact.

This sense of identity and vision results in a missional commitment to make disciples of Jesus in the northern Houston metro area who join us in increasingly glorifying and enjoying God in their lives.

As a church we seek to accomplish our mission in pursuit of our vision in four ways:

By Exalting our Lord in joyfully reverential worship

By Encouraging one another to Christlike character and conduct

By Equipping one another for life, witness, and service

By Engaging those outside our church family