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Our ability to create and enjoy music is part of what makes us human… Music affects us at a profound level: we react physiologically to it… we respond emotionally… it shapes us spiritually.

Due to the powerful effects of music, it should be done both well and carefully so as to have an effect conducive to joyfully reverential worship.

At SCPC we have a vibrant music ministry! Through the leadership of a highly skilled choir and praise team, accompanied by instruments ranging from organ and piano to drums and bass guitar… Music here is carefully selected to facilitate your worship.

In addition to being a key component of our weekly worship services, our music ministry hosts periodic praise and worship nights and other special services and events.

For more information about our music ministry, or to inquire about joining the choir (open to anyone in 9th grade and older) or our praise team, please contact our music ministry coordinator, Cathy, through the church office.