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Brothers and Sisters – As I type these words I remain in a state of joyous disbelief: In rendering their decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson, the US Supreme Court has done away with Roe v. Wade. That’s right: Roe is dead! June 24 will be a day long remembered! After 49 years and nearly 65,000,000 unborn children killed, no longer is abortion imposed on our nation under the guise of being a “protected fundamental right.”

In a nation like ours which has given itself to grievous iniquity of every type and variety and has celebrated perversion of every sort, we should humbly recognize that this comes to us as a remarkably undeserved mercy from the hand of God. Therefore, the entire Session praises God for this remarkable outworking of providence and we urge you to do the same. We also rejoice that by God’s grace numerous States wasted no time in immediately banning elective abortion within their borders, with other States expected to take similar action soon. Hallelujah!

That said, there are numerous items about which we encourage you to be in prayer:

  1. Pray for courage, fortitude, and safety for leaders – civil and ecclesial – who are facing, or who potentially face, hate and violence due to their opposition to abortion. Please pray for your own elders and deacons to have wisdom as to how best to guide and serve our church in the midst of all this.
  1. Pray for the protection of churches from those who would seek to vandalize or disrupt worship services.
  1. Pray for legislators to be raised up who will buttress laws protecting the unborn, and that in States presently given to the practice of abortion lawmakers might be voted in who will deliver their jurisdictions from the grip of the cult of death.
  1. Pray for crisis pregnancy centers in our area and around the nation: they are likely to be inundated with women needing help who previously might have chosen simply to abort their child. In that vein, please pray that laws surrounding adoption might be eased so as to facilitate the compassionate placement of children born of mothers who would have preferred to abort.
  1. Pray for revival. Good laws are precisely that: good. It is obviously preferable to live in a place governed by better laws than by worse laws. Indeed, God holds the nations of the world accountable for their violations of His moral law. But it must always be remembered that the mere implementation of good laws, or the outlawing of wicked practices, will not bring anyone into the Kingdom. Further, our principal calling as Christ’s disciples is to seek first the Kingdom of God, and to bring the Gospel to the world. So please pray that in the midst of this cultural moment that God’s people would be faithful to bring the good news of the Kingdom, the Gospel of Christ, to those who are presently alienated from their Creator, and that the Holy Spirit would use the preaching of the Word to bring about the miracle of the new birth with its attendant conviction of sin, repentance unto life, and the placing of their personal faith in Christ.

Even as we give thanks for the remarkable overturning of Roe v. Wade, and as we pray for all that still needs to be done, rest assured that our church leaders – specifically our Deacons – are working hard to ensure that our worship services and midweek activities are safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Pastor Ben