Adjustments to SCPC Scheduling


Brothers and Sisters – The Session met this afternoon to discuss our church’s plan for how we’re going to proceed in this unprecedented situation related to the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Here is the fruit of our time of deliberation:

Considerations Shaping Our Response

Christians should not be a fearful people (see, for example: Josh 1:9, Ps 23:1-6, Isa 43:1-7, Matt 10:28-31, 2 Tim 1:7… and many, many more!). Therefore, the Session pastorally encourages each member of our church to rest and rejoice in the sweetness and certainty of God’s sovereign goodness to us in Christ, by the Spirit! In view of our rejection of a defensive and fearful posture of timid self-preservation, our church’s response joyfully embraces the situation in light of four considerations:

  1. In joyful love to our brothers and sisters, we will be sensitive to those in our congregation who are most vulnerable.
  1. In joyful obedience to God, we will honor the request of the civil authorities as they seek to manage public health at the macro level. The request is twofold: that we limit the size of gatherings to less than 250 people and that we practice “social distancing” of approximately 6 feet between people.
  1. In joyful witness to our neighbors, we will share in the sacrifices currently being made at every level of our society.
  1. In joyful faithfulness to our Lord Jesus, we will continue to be a beacon of hope and peace in this world as we maintain the uninterrupted regular worship of God.

The Plan Moving Forward

In view of these 4 considerations, the Session has adopted a specific course of action for Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church that will last until we are given the “all clear” by the civil authorities. The details of our course of action are as follows: 

  1. Effective immediately every activity, ministry, study, class, or group associated with SCPC is canceled until further notice except for Sunday morning worship services. This across the board cancelation includes outside individuals and groups who regularly use our facility.
  1. Effective immediately there will be no nursery or children’s worship during our worship services.
  1. Effective immediately we will no longer provide snacks after worship.
  1. Effective immediately we will cease passing the offering plates during worship. Instead, an offering collection point will be established by the Deacons into which you may place your offering as you enter or depart from the service.

  2. Effective immediately we will pause the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in our worship services.
  1. Effective immediately we will suspend the blessing of the children in our services.
  1. Effective immediately we will offer two worship services each Sunday morning. It is our desire to achieve a sufficiently low population density in our services to enable the social distancing necessary to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. Consequently, for the time being Sunday mornings will look as follows:

    1. Our first service will begin at 9:00am. Our service will last approximately 50 minutes.
    2. Upon concluding, attendees will be asked to leave the sanctuary so staff can disinfect the sanctuary in preparation for the second service.
    3. Our second service will begin at 10:30am. This service will last approximately 50 minutes.
    4. The 10:30am service will be live streamed to those who are at offsite locations.
    5. The 9:00am and the 10:30am services will be identical.

How You Can Help

In view of this course of action the Session has specific requests for each member of our church:

  1. Please continue to participate in worship as you are able. For many, this may mean joining us for worship via our live stream. But for others, attending one of our services is still a viable option. Christians are made for and called to a life of worship, so please do so with us!
  1. We are all accustomed to worshipping at 10:30, but we want to encourage those who are able to be at our facility to worship at 9:00am to consider doing so.
  1. The purpose of 2 services in conjunction with the live streaming is to make possible to engage in safe social distancing, so when you come please keep your family together so that it will be easier for families and individuals to spread out in the sanctuary.
  1. We have ordered hand sanitizer stations, but they are on back order with the supplier. We realize many of you have low supplies of hand sanitizer at home, but it could be that some of you have a large stash of hand sanitizer at home. The amount we have on hand at the church will be depleted rapidly if we do not have more added to it. If you are able to spare hand sanitizer, would you please consider bringing a bottle (or two!) from home for use in our church?
  1. Some of our members may be functionally stuck in their homes. If you need anything, please reach out for assistance! Likewise, if any of our members are made aware of someone within our church being in need, please consider how you can assist.