New Reformation Series

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Beginning this Sunday, September 22, we’ll embark on a 6-week study in honor of the Reformation… Specifically, we’ll be celebrating the enduring relevance of the doctrines of grace as defined and defended at the Synod of Dort. 

In November 1618, (just over 100 years after Martin Luther had initiated the Reformation on October 31, 1517), an international gathering of theologians and ministers – referred to as a Synod - met in the Dutch city of Dordrecht (Dort, for short!) to study and respond to significant challenges from within the church to the biblical teaching surrounding the topic of God’s grace. If the biblical teaching on grace was undermined, then the Gospel would be compromised as it was gutted of its God-glorifying truth, and the work of the Reformation would be undoneThus, the goal of the Synod of Dort was nothing less than to save the Reformation by fighting for a grace that really is… amazing

The Synod of Dort met for about 18 months, and in May of 1619 they concluded their deliberations. Known to history as the Canons of Dort, the published responses given by the Synod to those who had sought to undermine Reformation teaching are famous for being a clear and concise summary of the doctrines of grace. 

In this 400th anniversary of the publishing of the Canons of Dort, we at Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church delight in the robustly God-centered and biblically faithful truths articulated by the Synod. Join us as we embark on a study of the doctrines of grace and grow in our appreciation of what the Word of God means when it exclaims,“Salvation belongs to the Lord!” 

Our celebration of the Reformation will culminate with a massive Reformtaion Party...Stay tuned for more information. Trust me, you won't want to miss out!