Important Announcement About the Re-Opening of the Church


You may recall that our first week of being closed to in-person worship was March 22. Subsequent weeks have seen our technological prowess improve greatly and we’ve been able to offer many of our ministries online. However, no online e-gathering substitutes for in-person togetherness. 
I am thrilled to report to you that our Session has met and come up with a phased re-opening plan for our church!
This plan is intended to facilitate biblically commanded togetherness as well as provide for the administration of the King’s sacraments, but in a manner that accounts for public health guidance related to social distancing. Our planned phases begin with lowest risk activity and then re-incorporate higher risk activities as it becomes apparent that it is safe to do so. 
Please note that we encourage those in the highest risk categories to continue worshipping with us from home until we are in Phase Three. To facilitate your sustained at-home worship, we will continue to provide a live stream of our worship for at least as long as we are encouraging some to remain at home. As always, if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick, please stay away from any in-person congregational activity!
The re-opening plan will occur in four phases:

  1. (Phase One) Resuming in-person corporate worship
  2. (Phase Two) Resuming in-person activities with no children’s activities
  3. (Phase Three) Resuming activities inherently close quarter and children’s activities
  4. (Phase Four) Resuming food service
  1. During Phase One we will offer 2 worship services each Sunday, beginning at 9:00am and 10:30am. Attendees will note that sections of the sanctuary will be closed, and every other row will be off limits. All touchable items (hymnals, Bibles, pens, cards) in the back of the pews will have been removed. There will be no children’s worship or nursery.Family units will be asked to sit together and there will be at least 6 feet of separation between family units. All other church ministries and classes will continue via Zoom.
  1. During Phase Two in-person meetings of those ministries will be resumed that can operate under social distancing guidelines and without use of childcare. 
  1. During Phase Three those ministries that are inherently close-quarter as well as those that depend upon children’s ministry support will resume in-person meetings and activities. 
  1. During Phase Four we will resume post-worship snacks as well as our monthly fellowship meal in addition to other activities at which food may be served.

Due to the fluid nature of this situation we do not have a timeline for the implementation of subsequent phases… However: we are pleased to announce that we are entering Phase One with in-person worship services resuming on Sunday, May 10!

Thus beginning May 10 we will have two worship services, one at 9am and the second at 10:30.
We are excited about slowly and cautiously returning to normal and hope that unless you’re in one of the highest-risk categories we’ll soon see you in worship with us!

Due to it being our intent to maintain proper social distancing during this time, it will be imperative that we avoid having too many at one service. Consequently, early next week you will receive additional guidance on how to help us ensure that people come to both services so as to effectively spread out in the sanctuary.