Fall Kick-Off & Safety

Brothers and Sisters – Hello! I trust this email finds you well. We praise God that we in the Houston area were spared from Hurricane Laura, but we pray for those who were in the storm’s path. We long for the new earth in which storms such as these will not be threats to our lives or property!
Well, here we are near the end of August and school for many is back in full-swing, yet our lives continue to be impacted by the ongoing response to COVID-19. 

In light of our ongoing cultural situation, I want to remind you that we at SCPC are doing our best to provide an environment that is as safe as possible while still respecting the very real differences of perspective that exist: 

  1. Staff disinfect our facilities after each use. 
  2. To facilitate social distancing in our gatherings, for small group meetings we have designated spaces for use that provide sufficient spacing for participants. For distancing in our worship service we have every-other-row closed off, and we have members of our Hospitality Team assisting with seating placement to ensure even distribution of people throughout the sanctuary.
  3. We have altered our worship service and have removed or reduced most "touchable" items in an effort to limit the passing of germs. One altered element of our worship service is our monthly celebration of the Lord's Supper: we require everyone involved in the preparation or distribution of the elements to wear both face-masks and gloves while so doing. Additionally, the elements are distributed in a manner that greatly reduces the likelihood of germs being passed from one person to another.
  4. We have hand sanitizer stations prominently displayed around the campus and we encourage their use.
  5. We do not require the wearing of a face-mask in worship, but those who wish to wear a face-mask are more than welcome to do so. In fact, we have masks available for use by those who wish to wear one but forgot their own.
  6. Additionally, as we move into the Fall with increased activities, some additional measures will be implemented beginning Sep 1... these measures (and the increased activities!) will be introduced this coming Sunday.

We continue to recognize that there are some for whom the best course of action is still to remain at home - and to support those persons we plan to continue live-streaming our worship service. Nonetheless, it is our hope that our implemented safety measures will encourage and embolden members of our congregation to participate in person whenever feasible. 

If you have any questions about anything related to our church's safety measures please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Speaking of this coming Sunday, I am super excited about our Fall Kick-Off event which will begin at 10:15am in the Sanctuary following the worship service. Please plan on joining us in person or online as this will be a highly informative time as you are provided with information about happenings for the Fall! 
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday…


Pastor Ben